Argus Services Inc




Mailing Address:
2603 W 22nd Street Suite 18
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Phone: 312-377-9441
Fax: 312-726-3421


About Argus Services

Argus was founded by President and CEO, Bob Kurz . Through substantial growth from quality services and aquisition, the company has grown to become a niche market service provider.

Argus Services Inc is a combination of security related companies all focusd on helping employers and corporate America obtain the necessary information in order to produce better results. This is all acheivable through asking the right questions, then obtaining the difficult information.

With a focus on employees and their actions before, during, and even after employment, Argus offers a unique solution to the day to day problems an employer faces. Combined with new threats of terrorism, companies must excersize all the care and due diligence necessary to avoid the devestating liability that can come from exposure to these threats.