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Mailing Address:
2603 W 22nd Street Suite 18
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Phone: 312-377-9441
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Argus Services Inc is a unique, full service private investigations agency representing individuals and entities in the corporate arenas.

Our services include pre-employment screening, criminal background checks, motor vehicle reports, employment and education histories, and much more.

Unlike most of our similar competition, Argus Services specializes their investigative services for corporate America, ensuring the utmost competence and skill for our clients.

If you're not exactly sure how to tell if you need Argus Services services, here are some common questions and situations Argus Services handles:

  • What type of person am I hiring?
  • What are my employees doing, and are there threats amongst them?
  • What is my competition doing, and how will it affect me?

Intelligence is about taking raw information and using it to better serve you. The answers are out there, Argus Services can help you find them!